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Adoptadane Rescue Queensland Inc


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Adoptadane Rescue Queensland Inc

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Regents Park QLD, Australia

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AdoptaDane began as the work of one dedicated woman, our founder June Hayles. June was devoted to the Great Dane breed and when she saw a dane in need she would always put her hand up to help. This desire to provide all danes with safe and worthy homes led to the formation of Great Dane Rescue and Rehoming Queensland.

One of June’s many talents was the ability to find new homes for danes in need with no judgement, lots of support, and all the love in her heart. As Dane rescue grew and evolved June recruited assistance and eventually chose a sucessor, Clare Gordon.

Clare worked with June closely and when June’s health deteriorated Clare stepped up to run the programme. Since then the organisation has continued to evolve to meet wider needs and larger challenges. Over the years of operation AdoptaDane has become incorporated, has appeared at numerous events, promoted education for people in relation to this special breed, and continues to work with the community to rescue and rehome Great Danes in need.

Our current President, Carly Bowden,  continues the legacy left by June and Clare, with the support of a committee and numerous volunteers.

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