A project of the MKC and ARC to support rescuers and adoption

Add your Rescue Group, Safehouse for Fires.

This page allows you to add your organisation so that it can then be found by others in the same area. If you are adding a rescue group, check to see if you may already be here in the search box below.

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    Search below to see if your group is already listed. If it is there, open the page and click the claim button to make it yours.

    Adding your Rescue Group?

    Adding your rescue group means that people can search for your organisation, look for opportunities to support you, volunteer, foster and donate. It’gives you a special landing page that shows your Facebook adoptions.  

    It is automatically managed. Once you give us the basics including your Facebook Page address you dont need to visit it again, all communication and updates happen automatically via Facebook messenger to you directly.

    What is a product drop off Hub?

    Sometimes people want to give things away quickly, they need them out of the house or they cant wait for a rescue group to find them. That’s where drop off hubs come in. 

    Volunteering as a drop off hub means offering up an easy to find space that people can drop blankets, towels and basics that can then be picked up by a rescue or work there way through the system via the Hub Volunteers. Just sign up and then we add you to the hub coordination page!