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Welcome to RescuedPets. Thank you for stopping by. 

RescuedPets is a GeoLocation platform backing the Animal Rescue Cooperative project, a huge program of volunteers and rescuers working in unison to get support to where it is needed across Australia. Your rescue can join, you can become a hub or add yourself to our programs.  

We are building the largest support hub program ever for animal rescue in Australia. Networking hundreds of groups with local hubs and volunteers to bring help where it is needed, get supplies, donated product and freecycled support into the mouths of Animals and arms of rescuers..

The RescuedPets site is designed to connect adopters and fosters to Volunteer Animal Rescuers, and help you find  your local support hub to provide product donations. Get involved,  offer support, get help or share with others. A constantly developing platform, Rescued Pets simplifies the experience for everyone so that the focus is on connecting people and pets, not maintaining a website. 

A network of donation hubs supporting rescue

Volunteering as a drop off hub means offering up an easy to find space that people can drop blankets, towels and basics that can then be picked up by a rescue or work there way through the system via the Hub Volunteers. Just sign up and then we add you to the hub coordination page!

The largest animal donation logistics project in Australia

The Animal Rescue Cooperative program is moving tonnage, daily all over Australia. Vendors and retailers know that end stock and supplies will not be wasted, they will be in the mouths of animals and arms of rescuers within days of donating, with clean POE and engagement stats.

A coordinated approach of hundreds of groups

Bringing together hundreds of years of coalface experience, rescuers working with rescuers from every possible animal type, location, socio economic background. 

Every day, on the ground, transporting, feeding, cleaning and helping Animals. It’s working.

Fully Automated - Type once on Facebook. Thats it

This is the worlds first automated listing platform. Rescue groups can keep listing on Facebook just like they are now or your own local platform, we do the rest for you. You never have to double enter a listing again

Location Search - Refer Support & Adoptions.

Been contacted by someone asking for help and it’s no-where near you? Send them to us, People can find help nearby down to 1km and connect immediately. You wished you could help people far away now you can

Wishlist and Volunteer Jobs? Get help you need.

Many people want to help organisations but dont know how to start. The RescuedPet’s platform means you can list ongoing jobs, volunteer work and create a wishlist of supplies and support you need for locals to find.

Built by people who live Animal Rescue every day.

The team here have established and run large rescue groups for 20 years. We know what matters, the work rescuers do and what saves time, brings homes and support. Everything is about helping you and your animals

Just a few partners and friends (there are many!)

Location search thousands of organisations

Hundreds of people every day go looking for rescue groups and vets. they want to adopt, they want to foster or they need help. Now they can pinpoint that search to find the nearest rescue group and nearest vet to work with. 

Keep listing your pets on Facebook. That's it

if your organisation is listed on RescuedPets , you just type #adopt  in each pet you have for adoption on Facebook. The internet does the rest. Your adoptions will show in your rescue profile and all contact goes back to your Facebook page.

1. Check you are listed

2. Join if you arent

3. Add the #adopt tag

4. Check your details

5. Add wishlists/jobs

Who can join?

Any rescue and Animal Welfare supporter can join. Any small rescue group, vets who rehome, support organisations, animal charities, TNR specialists, big shelters and small solo operations.  Your Rescue, Your way

We will not list breeders or for profit rehomers. We reserve the right to remove listings that have complaints against them.